Sheesh, that’s the problem with kids. They just dunno how to enjoy the beach.


Hey friends. This is your daily reminder that you should be proud of yourself when you do something that was tough for you, even if it’s easy for other people. Whether it’s applying for a job, or giving a presentation in class, or getting out of bed in the morning, go you! You’re awesome.

「周防 尊」Mikoto + Red — requested by sweethalcyon

「周防 尊」Mikoto + Red  requested by sweethalcyon

6 pic: 草薙出雲 [K]usanagi Izumo.

6 pic: 草薙出雲 [K]usanagi Izumo.


"A girl so strange you wonder who let her be the main female character."

Earth + Fire + Wind + Water